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This week at Turiba University twenty young people from Germany, Turkey, Spain and Poland began to visit three-week intensive courses of the Latvian language. Intensive Language Courses EILC (ERASMUS Intensive Language courses) is an opportunity to acquire the basics of the Latvian language for those young people who will study at any of Latvian universities within Erasmus programme.

Imants Bergs, pro-rector of the International cooperation of Turiba University states that „such a course is realized by Turiba already third year and feedback from students about the course is always very positive. Students not only learn basics of the Latvian language, but also take part in the lectures about Latvian culture and history, go in tours and during three weeks get acquainted with our country. This course helps students to adapt better in Latvia, while it is easier in September to begin studies both at Turiba, and other Latvian universities!”

Students choose themselves the university in which to visit Intensive Language course, regardless the university in which they will begin studies as Erasmus exchange programme students. 

In order better to get acquainted with Latvian culture, tours will be organized for students, as well as various thematic events in the organization of which self-government of Turiba Students will be involved.

Erasmus Intensive Language course (ERASMUS Intensive Language course) enables an opportunity for Erasmus exchange programme students to acquire language of host country (providing that it is one of the small European languages) before starting the exchange programme. Students learn Latvian language to be able to communicate and start studies in Latvia successfully.

Project number: 2012-1-LV1-ERA11-03452

The project is being implemented with support of the sub-programme activity „Erasmus Intensive Language Course” of European Union Lifelong Learning Programme.