News>Entrepreneurial Simulation Tournament “TRACTION” was held in Turiba

Entrepreneurial Simulation Tournament “TRACTION” was held in Turiba (9)

Turiba University with the support of USA Embassy offered a unique opportunity – to test their strengths in entrepreneurship by taking part in the simulation tournament “Traction”.

“Traction” is entrepreneurial simulation game, by the help of which participants have an opportunity to build their virtual enterprise, to develop, expand it and make a virtual profit. The main task of the tournament is - to develop the enterprise maximally in 18 steps by enlarging various financial tools and attracting investors, funds and cooperation partners. An idea of the game is successful and it is even considered to be introduced at the universities as the mandatory component of the study program.

The strategic game of the entrepreneurial simulation tournament was led by the professor James Bowen from Canada, who told that "simulation tournament “Traction” is played worldwide – in the USA, where it has been widely used in several universities, Canada, Europe – although this game appeared in the market relatively recently - in 2013. The game is very popular among students, because it provides a number of benefits – it helps to become acquainted with entrepreneurial ideas in the attractive way; it generates interest in this field and probably helps to decide whether a student wishes to study entrepreneurship more and, of course, the game helps to test the acquired knowledge in practice and makes the study process more exciting”.

In total 17 teams took part at the simulation tournament. 6 teams from Free International University of Moldova were among them participating at the tournament online.

Entrepreneurial simulation tournament in Turiba University was held within “International market” led by the lecturer of Faculty of Communication Dr. Juris Ulmanis. The lecturer, which also took part at leading and organization of the game, emphasized the following: “One must always strive to seek new ways how to teach the subject. Students should have been provided with an opportunity to understand the subject through the real examples and the use of his/her knowledge in practice.”

As a result several awards in several nominations were given: “The highest income within a step” and “The highest income in general”, which was awarded to representatives from Moldova, whereas awards in the nominations “The best use of the capital”, “The most attractive team in the social media” and “The highest result of the game (score)” were awarded to teams from Turiba University. 

Representative of the USA Embassy Thomas Owen, by presenting awards to the winners emphasized that “Latvia is one of the best cooperation partners in the Eastern Europe, as evidenced by organizing such events. It is pleasure that young people are so responsive; they are willing to take part and tries their hand at such activity. We hope that this experience will be useful also in professional activity”.



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I think, conducting such tournaments will be so helpful these days as entrepreneurship has increased these days. Most of the people out of the college want to start something themselves rather than working for someone else. But often the lack of guidance puts them in pressure when handling big projects and decision making.

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This was really a unique opportunity offered by Turiba university with the support of USA Embassy. Great to know about ‘TRACTION’ over here. Such kind of events really helps participants to get an opportunity to build their virtual enterprise and through which they can understand their strength.

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This university is doing very good thing by seeking support of USA embassy and offering their student to get some knowledge on entrepreneurship and test their strength. By participating in this of programs students will get confidence and belief on their ability.