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Cultural Exam – BAT SP Honorary member masterclass! (2)

Members of Turiba University’s Students’ Council’s Culture and Sports department haven’t forgotten about proven values and invites you to the Cultural Exam – BAT SP Honorary member masterclass!

A Cultural Exam is an event which is held only by Culture and Sports department members but without the help of the head of the department. The Cultural Exam tests how much during the year the members have learned and gained knowledge.

This year, the members have decided to inspire, therefore, on Wednesday, January 31st, at Turiba University @C321 at 6.30 PM they are welcoming anyone who, in an informal atmosphere, would like to hear our BAT SP Honorary member – Zanes Kalniņas, Rūdolfa Freiberga and Agneses Pumpures – experience fulfilled stories and enjoy other exciting activities during the evening!

Mark the calendar on January 31st and come to be inspired!



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28.02.2018. 18:49
This exam has gained so much of importance as i came to know. Preparing for it is also not an easy task. Only hard workers can able to achieve it.

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