News>Continuation of the International Project „eCuisine” – Meeting in Dubrovnik City, in Croatia

Continuation of the International Project „eCuisine” – Meeting in Dubrovnik City, in Croatia (1)

From April 14 till April 16 lecturer of Department of Languages of Turiba University Sundar Vaideeswaran and secretary of the Department of Languages Evita Vecvagare participated in the international working meeting in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia.

„eCuisine” is an interactive learning module for promoting professional conversations and raising awareness in the field of intercultural hospitality.

This was already the fourth meeting of project partners which was held in the conference hall of the hotel „Valamar Lacroma”.

In the evening of April 14 representatives of the member states involved in the project (Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, United Kingdom, Latvia and Lithuania) provided an insight into the work done before the previous meeting in Turiba University in September 2013. The evening ended with the joint dinner in the tavern „Dubravka tavern”, thus exploring the national cuisine of Croatia.

On the second day of meeting partners worked on the design of I and II part of the training programme, as well as they worked on the web page of training tasks programme. Work session concluded with joint dinner and tour around the old city at night. The old city is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

On April 16 the work on the module „Train the trainer” continued; this model is intended for training of lecturers and managers to work with the developed training programmes and smart phone apps in order to transfer the knowledge further to students and employees. Also issues on the use, dissemination and piloting of final products of the project were discussed.

The final conference of the project “eCuisine” is planned for September 2014 in Slovenia.  


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“eCusine” member of the project
Evita Vecvagare



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