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Congratulations on the national celebration of Latvia! (5)

Congratulations to all students and employees of Turiba University on 98th anniversary of Proclamation of Latvia and we wish that everyone in their hearts, thoughts and deeds would be together with Latvia! May in you, within the festive mood of Latvian celebration, live the pride about this land which is given and cultivated to us from generation to generation. Let’s have the festive feeling in our hearts!

My country is an old book with a crumbly, dusty cover;
original and valuable
Like a book, you don't judge it by its cover.
What's inside it is what defines it.
Gently open it;
Read each word with heart,
Uncover its uniqueness
till it brings delight.
Find the book enjoying,
You'll never wish for it to end.
You'll read it one more time,
You'll show loftiness to it.
Oh, fellowmen, we're proud of our country
Even if we're not;
Our mouths say we are, but our hearts deny.
Oh beloved country,
We discerned ourselves
through judging you
because of our own fault.




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