News>Competition for Erasmus+ Programme in Autumn Semester of Academic Year 2017/2018 Has Been Concluded

Competition for Erasmus+ Programme in Autumn Semester of Academic Year 2017/2018 Has Been Concluded (1)

We are delighted to announce that the competition for Erasmus+ programme in Autumn Semester of Academic Year 2017/2018 has been concluded. Thankfulness for all of the students widely applied as well as congratulation to those students who have gained the opportunity to study in our partner universities!

Students being announced below are invited to the informative meeting on March 16:

  • ·         At 15.00 (information in Latvian) at A212
  • ·         At 15.30 (information in English) at A212

Faculty of Business Administration:

  • Kateryna Kuslyva
  • Kateryna Virchenko
  • Aliya Khairova
  • Nirusha Sudarshani Gamaethige Dona
  • Alexander Stankevich
  • Arvis Pērkons
  • Alise Bluķe
  • Andris Bērziņš
  • Feruza Salikhova
  • Kareem Emadeldin Mahmoud Aly           
  • Dilshod Gayirov
  • Kamoliddin Javkharov

Faculty of Communication:

  • Diana Datsenko
  • Nigina Khalmukhamedova
  • Emilie Alexandra Schäfferling
  • Anna Semenyuk
  • Jeļizaveta Kolosovska
  • Ivita Rogule
  • Aliaksandra Belaya
  • Dana Ločmele

Faculty of International Tourism:

  • Maksym Denysov
  • Amit Bhatia
  • Diāna Beļska
  • Abbos Khidiraliev

Faculty of Law:

  • Valdis Vāvers



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12.10.2017. 13:12
There is a lack of logic at work here. If the financial aid office determines that a student needs a $5000 loan to provide for one year of schooling, it means the student must pay that back after graduation. If the student receives a $1000 scholarship, the loan is reduced by that amount and the amount to pay back becomes $4000. If the scholarship is deferred, the student still has $5000 to live on and then after the scholarship, the amount to be paid back is $4000. No difference. If the scholarships displace loans then they are still a benefit because the loan amount to be paid back is reduced, and the available loan pool is available for other students. If the scholarship displaces a grant then there is no benefit. This legislation is truly misguided thinking as it distorts the purpose of financial aid, which is to support students in need. Students that work while studying, have previous savings, or are supported by parents don't need to borrow as much, which is the same as receiving a scholarship and displacing a loan.