News>Competition for Erasmus+ Programme in Autumn Semester of Academic Year 2016/2017 Has Concluded

Competition for Erasmus+ Programme in Autumn Semester of Academic Year 2016/2017 Has Concluded (5)

We are delighted to announce that the competition for Erasmus+ programme in Autumn Semester of Academic Year 2016/2017 has concluded. Thankfulness for all of the students widely applied as well as congratulation to those students who have gained the opportunity to study in our partner universities!

Students being announced below are invited to the informative meeting on 17 March at 2pm in Auditorium C322.

Faculty of Business Administration:

  • Chumak Yevheniia
  • Kuslyva Kateryna
  • Virchenko Kateryna
  • Putthiwanit Chutinon
  • Samatov Bakhodir
  • Krūmiņa Anete
  • Nesterova Kristina
  • Shchehula Anna
  • Ahmed Nageb
  • Kokins Kristaps

Faculty of Communication:

  • Dontsova Daria
  • Datsenko Diana
  • Pavlova Laura
  • Otto Monta
  • Novika Andra
  • Sēne Signe
  • Gailīte Ilze
  • Everse Liene
  • Čeičiniece Simona

Faculty of International Tourism:

  • Kazimirenoka Alise Alma
  • Delvera Žanete
  • Buchukuri Nino
  • Mun Yevgeniya
  • Abduraimov Barzu
  • Mambetov Akhmed
  • Kandratsyeva Anastasiya
  • Voinich Karyna
  • Griženkova Nadežda

Faculty of Law:

  • Apalups Kārlis
  • Stepānovs Anrijs



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