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The 20th Anniversary of Turiba Is Introduced by Opening of Business Coworking Space and New Brand Identity.

We are proud and glad to announce the marking of the twentieth anniversary of Turiba University this year. In honour to this celebration we are presenting several gifts!

During today’s press conference we unveiled to a wider audience our extended and upgraded Business Coworking Space where the business ideas of future entrepreneurs are being brought to life for quite a time already, and we announced the new logo design of our University which has become more state-of-the-art and attractive. You may follow the event that is due to take place inside the Business Coworking Space from online14.37 to 15.45.

New Website
By introducing to the gifts prepared in honour of the Turība 20th anniversary we are presenting a brand new homepage! The new homepage is now visually more attractive and user-friendly. We are still in process to bring you all the necessary information.

Business Coworking Space
With the support by Swedbank an extended and upgraded Business Coworking Space is now made available to the students. There you can receive assistance for preparing the founding documents for a business; register the official address and receive correspondence; use a workplace completely furnished and equipped for office needs; do scanning, copying, printing, sending and receiving facsimile messages free of charge; use a conference room and meeting rooms; store documents in separate multi-compartment lockable metal cabins; arrange for and participate in innovative business development activities; communicate and collaborate with other business start-ups; visit thematically organised activities and participate in business support schemes; use the available recreation and entertainment possibilities.

New Logo
The intention for the new logo is to demonstrate that we are moving along with the times and advancing. Rather than laying the focus on the logo itself, the student — ‘Tu’ (‘You’ in English) is put in the centre of our logo. The modern day business does not put significance in how much money you have, but rather in how many schools you have graduated from. It is important to become a kind of personality which knows how to apply the knowledge gained and inspires others to do likewise. For us it is important that our students shared the sense of our common identity and that their choice matched our offer.

Admittedly, these novelties are not the only ones in the life of Turība. We will further inform you of any events organised in honour of the twentieth anniversary.