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Carlo Becchi in a Guest Lecture about Social Media Usage around the World - on February 12 (10)

On Wednesday, 12 February, at 18.15 hrs at Auditorium C322 a guest lecture on social media usage around the world will be held by Carlo Becchi, partner and head of Development department at "Agency 77". Lecturer will speak about finding cooperation partners in the whole world, what e-mail message will be inevitably read by receiver abroad and why Facebook is a great place to engage your customers while Google is better to bring sales.

Guest lecture will be held in English.

"Agency 77" offers social media marketing services in Milan, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, New York.

You can ask your question to Carlo Becchi in advance HERE.

Everyone is invited!




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The use of social media around the world has increased considerably over the past number of years. Statistics are showing that the youth and the professionals have become addicted to this quite clearly. Please share some more details regarding this.
I think conducting these types of classes are useful to all to become aware that the social media usage is increasing day by day and we have to ensure that we are using it properly. Could you please provide the date io next class so that I can attend it.
Thank you so much for share the notice here. It allows everyone to know about the seminar. Hope all the participants can able to collect lots of good knowledge regarding the topic. Keep upload the latest affairs from the university.

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