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Campaign „Surprise Yourself with an unexpected Conversation!” (7)

Master students of public relations program invites every student, employee and guest of Turiba to participate in the book swap campaign „Surprise Yourself with an unexpected Conversation!”

The aim of the campaign is to remind on the reading joy and to encourage people to share this joy with others. Sometimes we forget about the value of a book, but now you have the possibility to surprise and make happy others with one from your read books and to gain a new conversation buddy for yourself, without any extra costs!

Each of us should have some long time ago read book at home, which at the moment is only taking up space on your shelf. So use this moment to give this book as a present to another person and replace it with a new, not read and perhaps long-time desired book.

Everything is very simple – in order to take part in this campaign, you are required to take a book, which you want to swap for a new one, with you to Turiba. The specially prepared boxes, where you can swap the book, are placed in the building C 1st floor from 29.11.2017 until 06.12.2017. The closed boxes help to remain the surprise moment as you don’t know which book you will get in return for your own!

You can bring books in Latvian, English and Russian languages, depending on in which language the new book you would like to receive yourself! The topic of the book is not an issue, the most important is the Joy of giving it as a present to other.

In case of questions please write to




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