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Business Coworking Space of Turiba University – A Strong Support for Young Entrepreneurs (12)

One of the aims of Turiba University is to provide opportunities for students and graduates for implementation of ideas. Since 2006 in Turiba University there is Business Coworking space, in which there are all the necessary things from the idea to even successful business development.

In February 2013 the new premises with the area of 230 m2 of Business Coworking space were opened. In the premises wide range of support opportunities are offered. Since this October Business Coworking space is open not only for students of Turiba University, but also for everyone who wishes to take the first steps in the business and to implement any business idea.

Business Coworking space and all opportunities offered by it are available for 50 Euros/per month (for students and graduates of Turiba University for 4.25 Eur/per month). What is included in this price? Premises, which are available at any time – meeting room, two conference rooms, lockable metal cabinet for storing documents, as well as a board for presentations and organization of public events, which can be used for 24 hours a day, all kind of office equipment (computers, printers, etc.), opportunities to attend events organized by Business Coworking space and to gain experience from experts and lecturers of the business field.

Business Coworking space offers an opportunity to establish useful contacts, new cooperation partners and clients. Business Coworking space is open also for those who are still looking for their business idea and direction. Motivating and creative environment helps to get inspiration and encouragement.

Currently in Coworking space of Turiba University there are about 80 active future and young entrepreneurs. Turiba invites everyone to venture joining a group of new strivers and implementing own idea! The first steps are the most difficult ones; therefore Business Coworking space is designed to help them to take these steps.

Linda Rubene, student of StartUp Academy about advantages of Business Coworking space: "Business requires many different everyday trifles to make it function in reality and to achieve the goal. Business Coworking space of Turiba University provides elementary functions to satisfy my business requirements."

More information about opportunities offered by Business Coworking space:
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