News>Basketball players of Turiba have won bronze medals in the tournament of Student Basketball League

Basketball players of Turiba have won bronze medals in the tournament of Student Basketball League (5)

Our basketball players have won bronze medals in this year's tournament of Student Basketball League. The fight was very similar, but in the end with a convincing point lead our players won Riga Stradins University with a 96:77. 

In the game for champion title in a more intense game the players of Vidzeme University were more superior than the students of  Latvian Agricultural University winning with a 79:77. 

This season's final tournament happened in Valmiera, where also our team's supporters went to cheer for their players. It pleases that between supporters were also foreign students of university. 

Despite that our team wanted to fight for the champion title again, the bronze medals are good success also, because popularity and skills of basketball have grown in all universities. All players of  BK Turiba University who played in this game gave a big contribution in this victory  once again confirming that basketball is a team game. 



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