News>Association "Entrepreneurs of Marupe" concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Turiba University

Association "Entrepreneurs of Marupe" concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Turiba University (2)

The association "Entrepreneurs of Marupe" signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Turiba University on 30th June to promote the socio-economic activity, business development in the region of Marupe, as well as to improve young people's interest about business and make joint projects to promote comprehension about business and to get some practical skills.

Signing the memorandum the Chairman of the Board and the Rector of Turiba University- Aldis Baumanis stressed: “ The mission of the university is to provide an opportunity for everyone to get appropriate and to business oriented education and to develop yourself as a leader. We are aware that this goal can be fully realized in mutual cooperation with experienced entrepreneurs, so we are pleased to launch about this active cooperation with entrepreneurs from Marupe.”

The Chairman of the Board of the association “Entrepreneurs of Marupe” Evita Sondore explains: “Thinking about the existing and prospective members we are looking for more and new ways how to develop business. Turiba University is very attractive cooperation partner to us because there are wise people who can be as a mentors and also a solution of working together which is offered by Turiba Business HUB. That is a great support for the beggining of development- equipped working place for a new and small company which can be used by very small cost.

Within the memorandum the association “ Entrepreneurs of Marupe” undertakes to realize a variety of activities that focus on education and business development in region of Marupe and the city of Riga. While Turiba University has undertook to cooperate with the association especially within the framework of the services of Turiba Business HUB, offering very friendly conditions to members of the association. Also the university undertakes to inform the society about current events and information and to encourage the students and employees to active cooperation.



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