News>Apply for Participation at Lattelecom Riga Marathon in the Team of „Turiba TURBO” Until 22nd February!

Apply for Participation at Lattelecom Riga Marathon in the Team of „Turiba TURBO” Until 22nd February! (1)

Turiba TURBO” also this year will take part at Lattelecom Riga Marathon by starting at the mini marathon distance (6 km), but if you feel strong enough to run 10 km distance, you can defend the honour of the team „Turiba TURBO” at this distance! This year the marathon will gather all fans of active lifestyle on 18 May.

Be active and take part at the marathon together with your course mates! Probably, it will become your tradition.

All members of the team will have uniform clothing, about which the university will take care and, of course, common start at marathon!

Participation fee:

  • EUR 13.00 (mini marathon distance 6 km)
  • EUR 19.00 (10 km distance for stronger ones) 

Registration information:

Please, fill the application form below. You will receive confirmation that registration was successful.

Payment order:

Participation fee shall be paid in the cash of Turiba University or by bank transfer until 22nd February. By paying in cash or by online banking, purpose of payment shall be obligatory given: DALĪBAS MAKSA LATTELECOM RĪGAS MARATONĀ 2018.

Payment details:

SIA “Biznesa augstskola Turība”

Reg. No.  40003135880
AS Swedbank, HABALV22

Multi account: LV65 HABA 0551 0013 4598 3










REGISTRATION until 22nd February.

Participants of the „Turiba TURBO” team for participation in the system of Lattelecom Riga will be registered after receipt of registration forms and payments of all participants.

Fill application form 


Follow information! More information about marathon

In case of questions, contact Egita Upīte by writing an e-mail to or by phone 67606102 or 25631699.

See you in marathon!




18.02.2018. 20:55
There are still 4 days to apply, this is great, thanks, the barber from the barbershop near Turiba.