Turiba Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary By Providing Festivity Feeling For Staff, Partners, Alumni and Students (381)

This year Turiba University celebrates its 20th birthday. In this important moment to thank everyone who was close to Turība both in everyday life, and in festivals; University has prepared presents for academic staff, employees, graduates and students.



Restrictions Related With Turiba 20 Years Anniversary Celebration (202)

We inform that due to the 20th anniversary event of Turiba University which will be held on July 5, this year, staff and students will face many restrictions related with precautionary measures. This will affect the parking and movement procedures. 



All Study Directions Of Turiba University Have Been Accredited (16)
Yesterday, on June 26, the last four study directions realized by Turiba University have been accredited - "Internal Security and Civil Defence", "Economics", "Management, Administration and Real Estate Management" and „Law Sciences”, thus acknowledging the conformity of realized study programmes to the highlighted education and sustainability requirements. More


Two Promotion Papers By Turiba Doctoral Degree Candidates Put Forward For Defence In Law Science (446)
On June 13th the State Scientific Qualifications Committee, acting upon reviews by science experts, decided that the promotion papers by doctoral degree nominees in Law Science (Dr.iur.) Jānis Bramanis and Una Skrastiņa should be put forward for defence and included in the agenda of the Turiba University Promotion Council Meeting to be convened on September 18th of this year. More


Working Hours In Holidays Of Summer Solstice (8)
Be aware of working hours of Study Information Centre, Library, Cash-desk, Cafe Turība, Canteen Nīke-E within holidays of Summer Solstice. More


Pictures Of Summer Graduation Ceremony Available (8)
Academic Year 2012/2013 was concluded on June 8 with Graduation Ceremony in a pleasant and positive atmosphere shed not only by alumni, but also by academic staff, relatives and everyone who attended the ceremony. Reflection of all that is visible in the photos. More


Turiba Congratulates Its 5000th Graduate in Business Administration and Awards Students for Ideas in Tourism Business (160)
On Saturday, June 8th, the graduation ceremony for the summer session graduates of the study year 2012/2013 took place in Turiba University which developed into a double-purpose celebration due to the occasions for congratulating the 5000th graduate from the Business Administration Faculty and awarding the best business ideas developed by the students of the International Tourism Faculty. More


Conference "Creating the Future: Communication, Education, Business" Brings Together More Than 400 Participants (530)
In order to formulate ideas concerning the challenges and perspectives that Latvia is facing in communications, education and business, that would be fit for driving further the country’s development into its second centenary since foundation, Turiba University yesterday, on May 30th, hosted at its premises the 14th International Scientific Conference. More


Summer Graduation Ceremony (17)
We are glad to announce the advancing of the Graduation Ceremony this summer! This year the Graduation Ceremony will take place on June 8. The unofficial part of the ceremony will begin at 21.30. Fireworks dedicated to the graduates will start at 22.50. More


Turiba Hosts Discussion "Stronger and More Accountable Executive Power" (17)
Wednesday, May 22nd, from 13.00 to 15.00, Turiba University will hold at its premises a discussion organised in partnership with the Chancery of the President of State and the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the title "Stronger and More Accountable Executive Power". The host for the discussion will be Reinis Bērziņš, Legislative and Legal Adviser to the President. More


Turiba Will Hold The 14th International Scientific Conference "Creating the Future: Communication, Education, Business" (1196)
With the purpose of formulating the ideas concerning the challenges and perspectives for Latvia in communications, education and business, that would enable this country to successfully advance in its second centenary, Turiba University is holding its 14th International Scientific Conference "Creating the Future: Communication, Education, Business". More


Italian Government Study Grants Academic Year 2013-2014 (39)
In compliance with the Cultural Agreement between the Italian Republic and the Republic of Latvia, the Italian Government will offer 18 month study grants (620,- EUR a month) for the academic year 2013–2014. Travel expenses are not covered. More


Students’ Council: Present Your Work In Conference and Receive One-off Scholarship! (119)
Students’ Council of Turiba University in cooperation with the Turiba University Public Relations Faculty is organising a students’ session within the scope of the 14th Turiba International Scientific Conference ‘Creating the Future: Communication, Education, Business’. More


Turiba Signs Cooperation Agreement With China Education Association For International Exchange (7)
On April 22 the ceremonial signing of the Cooperation Agreement between Turiba University and the China Education Association for International Exchange took place in the Latvia–China Business Council. More


Working Hours Within Upcoming Holidays (7)

Be aware of working hours of Study Information Centre, Library, Cash-desk, Cafe Turība, Canteen Nīke-E within upcoming holidays.

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