Christmas ball 2020 is here (0)
It's time to look for dresses and suits, because Turiba University Christmas ball „Forest Under The City Lights” is going to be held already on the 14th of December. More


Working hours during winter holidays (0)
Find out about the working hours of the Study Information Center, Library, Cafe Turība and Nike - E during holidays. More


Representatives of TIO University Visit Turība (0)
On 28 November the representatives of TIO University (Tio University of Applied Sciences) from Amsterdam visited Turība University; the visit to Latvia is planned for a week, within which there will be a meeting with lecturers, businessmen and representatives of different institutions. More


Lecture "Latvia, traditions, culture and people" (0)
Lesson will take place on 13.12.2019. at 14:30, building A room 101. All international students are very welcome to participate! More


Students are invited to study paper seminar (0)
November is not only the session time, but also a time to start thinking about study paper. Study Paper seminar will help you prepare and get to know all the necessary information for you to start writing it and not postpone till the last minute! More


Winter Graduation Ceremony (0)

We are glad to announce the approaching of the Graduation Ceremony this winter! This year the Graduation Ceremony will be held on December 14.



You are Invited to Watch the Film “Grandfather who is More Dangerous than a Computer” (0)
The public holidays are approaching, and it is time to remind of the Latvian values – patriotism, family values and mutual respect, therefore on 14 November at 7:00 p.m. Turība University invites you to watch together the film “Grandfather who is More Dangerous than a Computer”. More


Working hours during the November holidays (0)
Find out about the working hours of the Study Information Center, Library, Cafe Turība and Nike - E during the November holidays. More


Student Council invites to be a part of ''Path of light walk'' (0)
The month of the celebration of Independence of Latvia is here, therefore, Turiba University Student Council invites everyone this Monday, November 11, to taste Latvian tradicional food and be a part of ''Path of light walk''. More


Student Council invites to the pre-session night (0)
Turiba University Student Council invite you to the pre-session night  „THUNDER PARTY”, which will take place in club „Kaļķu vārti”, where you'll be able to have an unforgettable evening starting from 22:00 until 03.00. More


Gastronomy month in Turiba – come and enjoy (0)
For a whole month long, from the 5th November to 26th November, Turiba University Students’ Council’s organized event International Gastronomy month will take place, where 4 countries will be represented – Georgia, Kosova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. More


Let’s celebrate Independence Day of Latvia together! (0)
During the month of Latvian national celebration Turiba University invites everyone to put a flag colored ribbon on their clothes from 11th until 18th November, to honor those Latvian soldiers who on November 11th, 1919, won the decisive battle against Bermont's troops, and to create sense of unity during the 101st celebration science the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia. More


Come and enjoy the Indian culture through celebration! (0)
On Wednesday, October 30, international students in cooperation with Turiba University Student Council will organize Diwali - The Festival Of Lights.    More


Students educational tour to GETLINI EKO (0)
On October 21, students from the Faculty of International Tourism went to educational tour to GETLINI EKO. Monday usually is a hard day of the week, but not this Monday! More


Jana Bunkus becomes the Director of the Study Programme “Management of International Communication” (0)
Jana Bunkus, Head of Communication Department and adviser on public relations at the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments, will become the Director of the Bachelor Study Programme “Management of International Communication”. More
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