June 2017


The list of applicants for scholarships and stipends has been published (3)
We are publishing the list of applicants of the competition for scholarships and stipends for academic year 2017/2018. More


New Interactive Language Learning Course for Tourism Professionals, Students and Other Interested Persons is Being Created (1)
The Language Department of Turiba University is participating in an international Erasmus+ project „Language skills and intercultural issues in the hospitality industry: “Unity in diversity in the EU labour market” in cooperation with nine partners. More


Greetings on celebration of "Līgo" or Midsummer feast! (0)
Joyfull and active Ligo celebration and with bright thoughts filled the "Jāņu" (midsummer) day to everyone!  More


Working hours during midsummer (6)
Please be aware of university working hours during midsummer. More


Solemny has elapsed the summer graduation of Turiba University (9)
On 10th June has elapsed summer graduation at Turiba University and 326 graduates have joined to the group of graduates of Turiba.  More


Turiba students are welcome to apply for the NORDPLUS Intensive Course on Security (7)
This summer from 14th until 25th of August Turiba University will host NORDPLUS Intensive Course „Organisation and Individual Security”. More


Turiba students are welcome to apply for the NORDPLUS Intensive Course about Mediation (0)
In this Course participants will be bachelor and master level students from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. Lessons and practical seminars will be led by professors from 4 partner Universities as well as professional mediators. More


International Political Marketing Forum (0)
From 2nd till 5th August 2017 with the support of  Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Turiba University in Latvia will take place the International Political Marketing Forum. More
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