January 2015


Juris Ulmanis: Freedom of speech within limits of respect (0)

The mountain climber, lecturer of Faculty of Communication of Turiba University Dr. Juris Ulmanis in his lectures with students discusses different actual themes – freedom of speech and freedom of press, media impact on public opinion, as well as ability of an individual to analyse the perceived information. 



Invitation to the conference “Latest trends in duty free sales industry and sales on board in the Eastern European and C.I.S.” (0)

The foreign students are invited to the conference “Latest trends in duty free sales industry and sales on board in the Eastern European and C.I.S.” on 17 February in Radisson Blu Hotel Latvia, Riga. The conference is the main part of “Amber Sky 2015” event.



Students' Council: Welcome event for spring Erasmus students on 30 January (0)
A new year and new semester have begun. It means that new, great and ambitious foreign students have joined our great Turiba’s team! Students' Council invites all the Erasmus exchange students of spring semester to Welcome event on 30 January!


Faculty of International Tourism invites to apply for AHLEI courses till 26 January (2)

In February 2013 Faculty of International Tourism of Turiba University concluded an agreement with American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) on organizing AHLEI courses for students. 



Business Coworking Space of Turiba University – A Strong Support for Young Entrepreneurs (0)

One of the aims of Turiba University is to provide opportunities for students and graduates for implementation of ideas. Since 2006 in Turiba University there is Business Coworking space, in which there are all the necessary things from the idea to even successful business development.



Guest Lecture by the Manager of Singapore Bank Marketing and Research Department (0)

On January 22 at 10.10 a.m. in the auditorium A207 of Turiba University the guest lecture by John Ng, manager of Singapore Bank Marketing and Research Department, will be held. Students of Faculty of Business Administration are specially invited to attend the guest lecture!



Turiba joined the University Network of the European Capitals of Culture (0)

From October 2014 Turiba University has joined the organisation „The University Network of the European Capitals of Culture”, which in total unites 45 universities across the whole Europe.  



Turiba University’s Department of Languages participates in Quality award winning project (0)

Start your own business and help reduce unemployment! This was one of the cornerstones of the Leonardo da Vinci project RELESE „RE-integration into Labour market through Entrepreneurship”. The project slogan was - „Learn to start your company – release your business skills!”. 



Share Your Opinion in the Students’ Inquiry! (0)

Already now you are given the opportunity to express your opinion about the study process, infrastructure, technical provision and other essential aspects of student life in the Students’ Inquiry of the Turiba University.



Apply for Free Latvian Language Courses! (2)

Within the framework of the integration project No IF/2013/1.a./12 “Open to the World, Open to Diversity” the association “The Latvian Red Cross” invites the third country nationals, residing in Latvia less than five years to apply for courses of Latvian language and culture.



Photos of Winter Graduation Ceremony Are Available (0)
Photos of Winter Graduation Ceremony at Turiba University held on December 13, 2014 are available and downloadable! More
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